Thursday, June 23, 2011

i think raising my brother is the equivalent of raising 3 other kids.
he is soooooooooo troublesome. in every single thing he does. for example, taking 30mins showers which is a waste of water and electricity and time. and he now has really bad "teenage tantrum" things

in the arvo, i dropped my phone on top of my calculator ): now it's scratched ):

i did my English today. i'm soooo glad my laptop didn't die (((((: i think people actually fell asleep in the middle since there as no video. everyone else's is sooooooooo good. i have a feeling i came last.....and my essay was once again destroyed by me teacher....
my chem teacher forgot about me today.

and maths. i also agree that there will be heaps of ppl getting 100. i'm going to guess....14 people.

today was the first time i drove to school (: maybe my mum has more confidence in me.....after 80ish hours..haha...

sometimes i also "salivate" when i see Masterchef foods.

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