Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Parent-Teacher Interviews

i think i failed maths, even though it was easier than i thought it would be.
and i forgot my maths aid ): and it was a function-ish text so ))):

so, all the teachers say the same thing "she works hard, hands in hw" etcetc
did people get their ranks for maths?
i got my rank for phys. well, i'm not last, so its ok, for now (or for one more term)

its cool how they tape the "beeping" sound so you know when five minutes is up. people actually move, except for the person who was in front of me for English.
i like the buzz/feeling inside the exam centre during interviews (:

it just so happened that my bro had his interviews today. mine only took 40mins unlike his which took, 1.5ish hours.
the teachers and other people have to pay 2bucks for coffee and hot choc. apparently at normo, they have a coffee club where they actually have one of those pro coffee machines and people in the club make coffee....
and apparently his science teacher is one of those that favours white over asians/curries. apparently they sit on side white and the other side non-white. and this, the teacher gives more marks to the whites (i always thought marks were based on tests, but not in junior school....wait i remember now, there were book marks and random class marks...idk....)

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