Wednesday, June 29, 2011

it was about last time this year i got my year 10 formal dress, around the end of the financial year sales. my dress was branded and was a sale on a sale on a sale so it wasa supppppper cheap when compared to the original price.

i went to look for dresses today.
super devo. they hardly had any nice dresses and a quarter of them i saw last year. i thought they would stock in new stuff... and hardly any of the dresses on sale were nice nor did they have my size.
oh, keely, if your reading this, i saw your dress for 50bucks. but that's because it's one year old now.... even though it is branded, it has probably been hanging there for a year, since they don't usually re-make dresses...
i still don't understand how my friend bought a 2dollar scarf at Myer...
and other shops didn't have has much cheap stuff than i expected them to have compared to last year.
but i bought a top which was originally 65 and now 15. sometimes you wonder does anyone actually buy those type of tops which are more than 50bucks full price.
and i bought a new pair of flats. it's realllly hard for me to buy flats/heels cause my heel is small and yeh, ceebs to explain.

finally started differentiation.
i'm soooooo behind at school, as in my class is behind other classes, and i'm sooooo behind everyone in tutoring )))))):
so it was quite exciting for me that i finally get to start it (:

i want to watch transformers in 3D because i think it will actually turn out really good. the other transformers have been really good so i'm looking forward to watching the 3rd one sometime.....but it's soo expensive. with that one 3d movie ticket, you can buy it on blue-ray when it comes out.

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