Saturday, June 25, 2011

because i didn't want to go tutoring next fri and in the holz, my math tutor quit on me. (yeah, your probs like what the heck) he doesn't asks if you want to have a lesson in the holz, but assigns you lessons.

but it's actually a good thing since i haven't improved and he doesn't put effort into teaching me things since i only go an hour, he wants me to go 1.5hr. once i went 1.5hr and he spent 30mins doing two questions which was really pointless. and his one of the people who reallyreallyreally cares about money because if you miss a lesson you HAVE to have a make-up lesson so that his weekly "income" doesn't drop
apparently my mum heard him over the phone rage about me not wanting to come in the hols and he rage quitted on me (quite literally)
he's one of those type of people where you're late 5mins and tutors for 55mins while your early 5mins and you have no benefits.
some people say they're Christian, but their attitude behind the public changes and their reasons for getting money-and my mum already detected that.
i think it's easier that he quit on us rather the other way (because last time we did that, it was really awkward explaining why)
but castle hill is much more closer to home so i save 2 thirds of travelling time.

maybe third time lucky??

and i still don't know the reason why chem today was post-poned....hopefully that email was legit or else i would have wasted money by not going to class......

my second idea doesn't work and i can't think of a short story to go with it so i hope my own teacher doesn't mark it (unlike last time) because there is real crap said. i hope the teacher marking hasn't read my class' set text before...
i think one of my goals is to write an essay in the A range. it has been a loooooooooooong time since i could remember when i actually did get an A mark.


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