Friday, June 24, 2011

i fully take back what i said yesterday. i think only 4 people will get 100. the last question was a discriminator and i only know of 4 people who got the last questions (with actual working). so the max for other people is 91%. big deal, for top class not getting over 90% "my ranks going to drop etctec" well no they won't, since everyone did badly so the ranks will still stay the same, they will probs scale this test.

what about us bottom class people!!!!!!????? my max is going to be 70% i am willing to bet anyone 5 bucks that  i'm going to get under 70, which will be my first.
i did the unthinkable. i forgot what tan2x was. ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))): there goes 2 marks...
and auxiliary angles-2 marks. other past papers were 4 or 5 marks. why does our grade always get the harder side of things.
and other grades get to have tan45 for the angle between two lines while we get an ugly tan60 with soo many surds etcetc.
i can't believe i crossed out one of my k values )))))))))))): usually ratios only have one answer...i hope the question only asked for one.

i could go on and on and on about all the bad stuff i did, i think i'm going to come 2nd last. there goes my chance of getting above average in ext. :'(

everyone's English thing was so goood. even the people who don't pay attention in class, as in the people who joke around in class and don't take things seriously. i think that's what makes them good, their humour. this guy did a puppet show and it was really fail, which made it funny, and the teacher even laughed which means they will get full marks since the teacher asked for something funny.
i totally failed english for the second semester, already.

i shall work on the essay for the first half of tomorrow then maths....
i see more scribbles than ticks on my essay. the people who do bad in their prac essay get full marks in their actual essay *cough connie...but i'm not one of those people. unfortunately.

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  1. You're on.

    $5 to you if you get <70, $5 to me if you get >=70?

    This is percent, right?

    Cause the test was out of 46.


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