Wednesday, June 22, 2011

you know soo much just by looking at the news feed of facebook. seriously.

i forgot to say yday: i did my first ever and last writing competition. it was lame, one of those easy things i probs failed. even in primary and girra i didn't do one, so i think it was pretty cool doing one yday.

the class in maths tutoring was sooo noisy. i just thought people would be really nerdy and quickly do their work and listen to the teacher.....maybe that's just top class... i was very clueless today, but that was expected.
oh eunice, those cookies were very nice (: the ones i usually have at coles aren't as chunky...

English tmr. apparently i'm going fourth not third....

still scared for maths and for my laptop. i hope it doesn't have a heart attack. it worked this morning...

and today i had a look at a guy's report. oh wow, he came first for like 2 subjects and top ten for his other subjects.
i don't think i'll ever be able to achieve that, since that didn't happen at girra, i don't think it will happen here.

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  1. Sometimes I'm clueless too. And I was going to give you the last cookie but then Sandhya took the box with her.

    Hope you can keep coming!!


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