Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Doughnuts are actually a really good analogy for you optic nerve, and educating patients about glaucoma. You want the rim (donut) to be nice and thick, and not have a thin rim since risk optic nerve head loss, and no notching (bite) of the doughnut. We were talking about doughnuts yday so decided to get one and try the limited edition Krispy Kreme. Pretty sure this is the first time ever I've purchase a Krispy Kreme since they first opened in Aus back in primary school.

Simpson D'ohnut-$3.50

It has a hint of artificial strawberry flavour in the glaze, but surprisingly the actual doughnut isn't that sweet. It is lightweight, but not as flimsy/small/squishy/airy as the free ones they hand at on free KK days, which makes sense since they'll give smaller portions cause it's free. There should've been more sprinkles on it to make it more even/pretty lol.


spot BW

Duff beer to accompany the doughtnut-$3.50 (I think)

First time having Duff Beer, since didn't try it in Universal Studios in Florida. In hindsight, should've let my bro try some, but then cause me being stingy and we already tried Butterbeer in both hot and cold and got the collectable cup, amongst other Harry Potter merch such as scarves etc before taking the train to the normal side of Universal studios, we did spend a lot and didn't really need to try Duff beer...Good to know places in Sydney import this stuff from America. It is an energy drink, and I don't drink this stuff. Tried it anyway and it tasted like Fanta but not as sweet or orangey.

It's just cute to have matching Simpsons themed food as a once off treat.

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