Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War

Thoughts on the movie down below. May contain spoilers.

Started the day trekking to the hospital to find out there were no patients. Since bus was in an hour back home cause #hillslyf hourly buses between 9-3, decided to finally try the new cake at Black Star Pastry.

The Dragon Cake: Scales of finely sliced dragon fruit on a delicate sponge. Pineapple vanilla cream with pomegranate jelly ripples on a biscuit crumb base-$9

I like their packaging, it's taller than the width, also in a way try to prevent it for moving too much




It was a nice cake but not amazing and on the pricier side. The dragon fruit flavour wasn't as prominent, maybe cause it was too thinly sliced or not ripe enough or had gelatine on top. I liked the sweetness from the pineapples and the acidity from the pomegranate jelly. The sponge was light and the base wasn't too hard or butter. Got that in the morning so they were still cutting it from their massive cake which was like 80ish cmx 80cm. The cake didn't stick fully to the cake board so did move a bit when I got home.

Showground road has finally been upgraded/finished. The completion date was early 2018, and since I didn't go gym last week, I think they finished it end of April. Imo, early 2018 is Q1 (so Jan-March), so I think they were behind schedule, esp with all the rain etc, but now it's 2 lanes each way, plus one side has extra stop/parking lane. Don't know why for a section there's like bricks with plants though...maybe could've made a 3rd lane...I still remember when it was one way each way...The north wet is rapidly expanding, I so feel like even with the extra lane, there's still gonna be traffic. Reminds me of the M2 upgrade, traffic was ok for about a week, then it became a car park again during peak hour with the new additional lanes.

Father daughter movie time

Did you know, now when you book online, you can change seats or movie session times? That use to be impossible since once they get your money it's non exchangeable. I think they're doing it so more people will still come to the movies, since there's so many online options nowadays. Like I bet they always had the technology, just was holding it from customers.

I thought the movie had a pretty simple story line (until the ending), and loved the intensity/action. I don't read up on movies or the comics, so I did find it a bit anticlimactic that the villain won, it just seemed to easy for him. Usually the good guys win, but I guess that's why there's a part 2. Also loved the CGI. The credits had like heaps of people listed under special effects, and I feel like these movies are worth watching in the cinema, since the screen is bigger to see all those stuff. To me, it wasn't a sad movie, and I guess cause I expect most of the characters to somehow come back to life. Sort of like GoT where almost all the main characters die. 

I liked how Thor, Dr Strange, Iron Man was in it, since I think they're a bit more witty/cheeky/funny, and I like their powers more. I also like the real life actors, and the other movies/shows they play in. Funny how they combined Guardians of the Galaxy as well. Good sense of humour throughout. I think they still did a good job at investing into the feels of different characters, even though there were so many characters, but it wasn't hard to follow. I haven't seen Black Panther yet, so was confused as to what he's doing/hiding from the world, but it looks like it's got really good ratings, so watch that when I have time. Also haven't watched Thor: Ragnarok, and probably other ones as well...

I always feel guilty watching a movie when it's not holidays, but I really like Avengers, and wanted to watch it before I come across spoilers irl or on social media.  Castle Towers have changed heaps, didn't even realise they got rid of the yum cha place which the Putt Putt/bowling/games arcade overtook the medical centre and yum cha. All the restaurants in the Piazza are changing. I guess goodbye to Mad Mex, the thai place, GPK the pizza place, Baskin Robbins, Max Brenner and other restaurants...

This is here instead of the Coffee Club

Don't have to trek to the other side of Sydney to try this. I'm not a nutella fan, hence never made the trek down since I know these desserts would be overly sweet.

I'm already keeping a lookout on when it's opening for free burritos lol. 99% sure I'll be on placement or uni.