Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Apple Pie → iPad 6th Gen

When BW said he'll bring apple pie I was like yay food. Turns out to be an iPad lol (yeah, I'm pretty gullible at times...) The best surprises are really the ones you aren't expecting at all. It's not even my birthday 😅 I'm still confused/mindblown/shocked. Thanks BW!

iPad 6th gen

I never, ever thought I would won an iPad, because I'm like, what do I even need it for? I can do everything on my laptop and just print stuff out #oldschool. The new iPad supports Apple Pencil so don't have to get a Pro. Even though I can't draw, I do find it's very cute and good for scribbling. I really like watching people do time lapses of drawings on their iPad Pro. It's a pretty good stylus, like when you tilt it to shade on pencil mode, it shades like a real life pencil haha. The iPad is a gold colour, but it's definitely more rose gold. Like all Apple stuff, the iPad is nice and sleek.

iPads are confusing, since they initially had a 12.9 inch iPad pro, then second gen 9.7 inch, but now they come in 10.5 and 12.9, whereas the normal iPad comes in 9.7 now with pencil compatibility, but all the normal iPad cases don't have a pencil holder. It's also 0.5mm wider and 0.4mm thicker than the 9.7 iPad Pro. It's funny how 0.5mm in a case actually makes a bit of a difference trying to use the case. Speaking of cases, can't believe there's already a mini dent on my tde case ): I don't really get how the Pros cost so much, apart from a faster processor, better camera and touch id...like wouldn't you just get a computer? I guess graphic designers need to draw...

Time to learn how to use an iPad. It's like an iPhone, but not haha. I don't think I'll have time to transition from hard copy to soft copy of notes since I'm just too used to the tactile feed of my notes, and remembering which parts of info belong to which section in the paper. It will be useful for long plane trips watching movies and reading ebooks on it. Typing stuff is still easier on laptop, esp all these reports I still am procrastinating. I like how you can run two apps at the same time.

easy set up

3 days ago he gave me this iPad mini first gen, which I gave to my dad since he loves watching Youtube. That was our first iPad in the house, and now we have 2. 

I am also more excited about a free taxi ride than a free plane ride this week, because I've only ever been in a Sydney taxi like once in my life before. I initially thought this was some tag when it arrived with the clothes lol. Lucky didn't chuck it out.

Finally got the itinerary for next week, and everyday seems so busy and not really a holiday...Hope to get some experience though. 

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