Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Book of Mormon Musical

Yay, 7th musical and first time going to the Sydney Lyric Theatre. I had no idea what it was about (didn't even know Mormon was a religion until I booked the tickets). Didn't help I woke up with a sore throat for no reason, maybe not wearing enough clothes at least I'm not the one singing haha. 

the set

my typical ticket and set photo shot

looks modern whilst keeping the 'grand/old' feel

the speaker was blocking the gold stature thing at the top

The musical was better than I thought, super hilarious. However, it's also super crude, rude, lots of sexual innuendos and swearing. Mocking of some religions and races. So many parody's of stuff in there, whilst keeping it 'modern' but including Star Wars stuff, iPhones, and also current 'political/ethical' issues. I guess a lot of deep stuff if you really think about it, but my brain doesn't really think of those stuff deeply, and I just enjoyed the jokes and the singing.

The demographics watching there were mostly Caucasian retirees. Not many people in 20-30, and I only saw one teen. Defs not for children. So glad I went with BW because it would be impossible to interpret this to my mum afterwards...

I love watching all the sets move even if they were simple, and people so talented at singing and dancing. They even had a bit of a tap dance as well. The conductor also played the keyboard for some songs, and the drummer (?) guy played flute. So the band isn't huge since people played around 1/2+ instruments each.

Maybe cause it's not a huge production, and the theatre here is a bit smaller and less production set stuff, tickets are a bit cheaper. Sat at the top for $60. Cause it's a smaller theatre, it's high up, but distance wise you're not that far away, compared to other threader's I've been to in London where cheap tickets you can't really see...well you can see the probs and see them dancing just not there faces lol. 

You could try your luck to see if you get drawn for the daily $40 tickets in the first row, but seeing the amount of retirees who come to watch, and actually have time to line up for this stuff, yeah ceebs. Like you can line up over 2 hrs and not be drawn. $60 front and centre of the grand circle isn't too bad anyway.

I guess musicals are good in a way to help boost the economy. Like so many people eating dinner at The Star fancy food court, and people getting Messina at the end. I ended up getting a 50% off Zumbo almond croissant, mainly because it's the first time I've ever seen Zumbo have a sale lol. Their macarons are now $3, since when? Last time I bought some on Zumbaron day and the times I walked past (because I like looking at cake but it's not economically viable to buy a slice of $10 cake every week), macarons were still $2.80 each. I miss the $2.50 day each.

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