Wednesday, May 9, 2018

My uncle was here for a few days in Sydney, just to collect expensive stuff, but luckily I don't really have to go out too much, and at dinner the other night I was able to leave early since there were enough cars for me to drive off. Red Eye has started, and it's interesting since haven't seen these sort of cases before. 

Sakura soft serve-$4.90

It's definitely not cheap for a soft serve from Oh Matcha (previously Chanoma). It's pretty how they sprinkled it with matcha powder and some gold bits. This tasted like red bean to me. It's got a slightly thicker and grainier texture, and not super creamy/milky. I don't know what Sakura actually tastes like, but I'm not a big fan of red bean flavoured stuff, so wasn't a big fan of this flavour soft serve, They have 2 new flavours coming out next week which I hope to try. Will also try the some miso flavoured ice cream Happy Apple mentioned if I'm ever in Parra (I think you said it was in Parra, haha).

Had the Egg salted egg chips last time, now salted egg fish skin from sg to hk to syd

Apparently this stuff sells out at 9am everyday in SG, so even if you had the money (not cheap, around $20-30 a pack), you won't be able to get it if you're too slow.

Johnny's Pizza Java flavour: chicken, snow peas, broccoli, cashews, mozzarella cheese, satay base sauce-$28 (family)

Didn't get the massive 25inch one since not a whole bunch of relos came over. I love the sweetness of this satay, which the tiniest bit of spiciness in it. There's not much oil coming out from the pizza since  you can tell from the cardboard box, and the dough is so soft. Treats like these are a one off since it's so unhealthy and not cheap, but worth buying for when people come over to try.

I also got my first preference for overseas preceptorship! Pretty sure it's cause I'm in the 2nd group with less people/competition, if I was in the May group, my marks wouldn't be high enough. Going back to a place I've been before, and as mentioned, the only other country I've re-visited except for HK is Japan. Re-visiting my fav city in the world would make sense, just didn't realise it'll be just 4 years later. Hoping I know the other people I'm going with.

So much travel from May till end of the year. I love travelling, and yes it's not cheap, but yay for experience. I'm joking to myself that the the majority of travel this year will cover my travels for the next 10yrs of my life lol.

MasterChef my fav tv show has started, and for the first time ever I missed the premiere except for the last 10min. Probs gonna be another yr I'll miss the majority of it since 2012 cause studying for HSC. Previous years always had sem 1 exams, but I was very yolo and still watched all the eps. This yr I'm just not in Sydney all the time so gonna be hard to watch, and no time since reports to do, and no time to catch up online. Also more shows coming back out on Netflix. Although it sounds like I'm complaining, I guess there's always stuff to do after work next year like catch up on tv shows and movies lol.

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  1. Yes, it was in Parramatta! At the Sushi Bay near Pappa Rich.

    I also don't really know what sakura is meant to taste like, it always just happens to be some pink confection, but I know they sometimes wrap mochi in the sakura leaf? I also don't really know what the scent is even though I have an Elizabeth Arden green tea sakura perfume. It smells mostly like green tea with some indistinct floral scent.