Saturday, December 5, 2015

Taylor Swift: 1989 World Tour

Finally attended my first (not free) concert last Saturday!

I actually don't have a favourite artist ever since Delta Goodrem, but kind of wanted to go to Taylor Swift. My friend's sister had a spare ticket, which I was going to buy, but the concert was the weekend before supps week, and didn't want to risk buying the ticket and not go if I needed to study.

So that morning I went to the city just for Zumbaron Day, and shopped around, then got back home. Friend called when the concert was supposed to start to say one of her sister's friends forgot  the concert was on even though she already paid. So then just they offered me a fairly discounted ticket, so left the house in about 5mins without even eating dinner...Luckily they have express buses to Homebush when they have events like this, and the last bus ensures you make it there before Tay Tay appears on stage (at 8.30)

first concert!

Ended up getting there at 7.30pm. Not bad for buses. Bought a bottle of water for $5...which is not worth but I was kinda decided to get water....luckily I had a late lunch...

Vance Joy

Missed a few of the songs, but made it in time for about 3 songs, which are more well known. I think he performed for a bit over half an hour.

panorama shot

We had seated A reserve tickets on the side, but the sound and lighting blocked some part of the runway and crane when she walked out... It was still pretty close to the stage.

Taylor Swift was so amazing live! I know understand why people go to concerts (and also post concert depression). Loved her positive attitude, dances/facial expression, costumes, sets, and lights! She did have a few costume changes, but they were very quick. Almost all of them were sequin/sparkly, and she had a dress which lit up! The leather costumes were so cool as well. She makes me motivated to get fit to wear crop tops lol. Love her simplicity in just simple/effortless hair, less fuss about it. And her super high heeled shoes which were sparkly, and also glittery microphone. She was also lifted up onto a crane, and it spun around for some songs. She's so talented, playing piano, keyboard, guitar....

The coolest thing was these wrist bands we got. You pulled the tab to activate it, but it doesn't do anything until she appeared on stage. The coloured lights on the band were controlled by her tech crew, and it flashed depending on the beats in the music. So you just see the whole 76 000 stadium of people with colour coordinated lights. In wildest dreams it was blue, love story pink, bad blood red, shake it off multi coloured flashes. After the concert was over, it still worked by touching it, although you don't get red... Ended up singing for almost 2 hours (she appeared on stage at around 8.40pm). She's too cool to do an encore. Ended up buying her 1989 album (one year after it's released) the other day since it was on sale.  Loved Tay Tay for my first (not free) concert.

Photos! (It was really hard taking in focus pictures since you're trying to enjoy the moment, and the spot light on her made it hard to focus...)



Welcome to New York

You are in Love

This acoustic version where we echoed her, pretty cool.

Love Story


Wildest Dreams

Shake It Off with fireworks

stupid pom pom...

you can see that pole for lighting blocking that runway/turning crane stage...


Going out wasn't too bad, just a few traffic jams which is onto the bus after 20mins since had to slowly walk out of the stadium. Outside, you could hear stereo sonic going on next door. I think even when Taylor was changing and played some videos, you could hear this beat coming from there...

Ticket (:

My phone ran out of memory space, so didn't take vids for some songs since I think I deleted them to video a bit of the finale.

The set list (taken off the internet):

Welcome to New York
New Romantics
Blank Space
I Knew You Were Trouble (Remix)
I Wish You Would (no vid)
How You Get the Girl
I Know Places
All You Had to Do Was Stay
You Are in Love (Acoustic) (no vid)
Clean (no vid)
Love Story (1989 Remix)
This Love (no vid)
Bad Blood
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Rock Remix)
Wildest Dreams (with some from Enchanted)
Out of the Woods
Shake It Off

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  1. Ahhh it looks so amazing! Thank you for sharing your experience with us.