Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas everyone! (A day late...) Jesus is the reason for the season (:

A few snaps of my feasts the past 2 days.

xmas ham, salmon, 3 salads, prawns

turkey (no stuffing because healthier)



Family friend got this at wholesale price, around $80/kg, and just the tail, which is the lightest part of the whole shell, don't have to waste money paying for the other parts of the lobster/shell. This tail was so big and juicy, love the sweetness of the lobster flavour. The 3rd one I had with garlic butter, which is so fattening but delicious.

expensive red wines

Second from the left is $170, and yes, you can taste the difference compared to the $60 ish one. No cheap wines here. Lovely spending time with family friends, and their friends eating and drinking (:

Round 2 at home:

Roast lamb (cousin got from work)

large oysters-steamed

Also had chicken wings from yday, duck, squid, jellyfish, lamb rack, beef, mushrooms, and other veggies

And I haven't included the photos of all the chocolates, biscuits, and hampers. Definitely at the age where I don't care if people gift me stuff or not, but it's always nice when people show that they care.

In other news, we got a NutriBullet today, yay for a blender which can actually blend frozen bananas without scrapping the sides/getting stuck. Jave yet to try it...but hopefully will have time.

Boxing day sales was so cray, could see it working inside the store. The store I worked at today=no lunch breaks. So, so busy with just 3 staff, and non stop work until we closed the doors, and made people leave.

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  1. Your roast lamb looks pretty amazing. And boxing day sales. Shoppers are intense.