Monday, December 7, 2015

i can't believe it, but i experienced a mini heart break today </3

the thing i wanted is sold out nationwide ))):

ok, it's kind of my fault, got on the band wagon a week to two weeks late...i wanted the L'occitane advent calendar, which includes over 17 products (not full sized) as a small xmas treat to myself, but too bad it's actually fully old out. some stores sold out almost a month ago ):

had yum cha with MK and co (diseases lecturers) today. Went to the place near uni, which I've been before...No photos because too awks, although I did finally make the connection one of the lecturers (graduated only 4 years ago) is a quite well known food blogger. Most food blogs are collabs of different bloggers, and I knew that blog had a few people, I just didn't realise it was our lecturer...Marks really do give you a wide variety of job choices imo, lecturing, supervising for clinic, research etc within 3 years of graduating.

Made some 'healthy' (but not healthy since I used butter and sugar) matcha oatmeal cookies tonight. if i didn't bake tonight, then won't have time until next week...Good quality matcha instead of green tea powder does make a difference. Too bad my butter melted instead of softened because my mum moved it into a pot....and i used 1/2tsp instead 1/2tbp. should've realised since most recipes use 1tbp for green tea stuff....ended up tasting more sweet since not enough bitterness from the green tea...

Trekking out west tmr for work. Weekday=no loading, but need to money...and it'll be a good experience working at a different store, hope people remain nice...

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  1. Ooh matcha oatmeal cookies! I feel like I need heaps of matcha to be able to taste it, haha.