Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Rio's Brazilian Steakhouse

Work Xmas dinner was quite interesting this year to say the least. Last year I wasn't in Aus for Christmas, but from what I heard there wasn't any dinner. The year before the food was pretty bad, and not worth taking photos of. This was my first time having Brazilian. Didn't realise such a big dinner place existed on the 1st level (up the stairs from the main street). It was a buffet but with table service, so they come around with the meat asking if you want it or not. I guess that way it reduces wastage of food, and they don't have to overcook, and you don't have to get up/down. The bad thing is that if they ran out or you missed it, that item never came back. I since there were only 2 main tables that night, they wouldn't cook another whole roast of something just for one person who missed out on that dish...

Vodka Sunrise-$11.50

Didn't feel it was appropriate to take photos of food/people, so some sneaky snap chats...

From memory I had: salad with balsamic dressing, garlic bread, chicken sausage, potato salad, chorizom, sirloin steak, cheese balls (deep fried, quite interesting), fish and chips, chicken wings, more beef, some pork, lamb, chicken fillet (super moist), deep fried banana, pineapple roast, vanilla ice cream (but missed out on pork belly). It was super filling. It's around $39pp, and the quality of the food was decent for a buffet style dinner.

Brazilian dancing for live entertainment. They also got a pair from each table to dance and compete. In the end, the pair from our table won a bottle of wine each (mainly because we were the biggest table, and had more people to win the cheer factor).

Didn't end up having meat for the next few days after that dinner...

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  1. Some of my uni friends have suggested Brazilian but I wondered what it was like. Your post explains it pretty well!