Sunday, December 27, 2015

Haven-Xmas Menu

Really wanted to try the gnocchi we missed out on last time, so made sure to wake up early in time for it (or before they sold out), and to try out the new xmas themed items on the menu.

Marilyn Watermelon Iced Tea Mocktail-$6

Look at that colour-on point. There were watermelon bits in there which wasn't properly blended in which made it really hard to suck through with a short straw, so ended up using a spoon, but the tea is refreshing and not artificially sweet at all.


love coffee art, delicious as always

we got this special, not bad for $25

Baked duck breast burger-$14.50

Loving that presentation, especially the 'wow' factor when it came onto the table.

different angle


So I wanted to try the soba which is carbonara based soba noodles, but that didn't have duck, so of course I chose the duck option. There were about 3 pieces of duck decently sized, and it was super juicy and moist! Loved the fresh mulberries, along with cranberry sauce and some splashes of vinegar (I think) for acidity. Plenty of greens to balance all those carbs. The cheesiness on the bun also tied the dish nicely, giving it a some creaminess.

Housemade gnocchi and mushroom: poached egg, parmesan cheese, soy seared mushrooms, tomato kasundi-$14.50

Whe I read the description, I thought it was definitely value for money since it was relatively cheap with quite a few different ingredients, and gnocchi isn't easy to make. I guess in order to do that, the portion size needed to be smaller. There wasn't a lot of gnocchi, and was a bit towards the burnt side. It's more doughy and not enough potato or that kind of chewyish/bouncy yet soft texture. There was quite a bit of oil at the bottom of the dish, but the flavour of it was really nice. Loved the cheese crisps to dip into the tomato or egg yolk. It got slightly spicy in the end for me, but luckily I had my iced tea.


Tea infused panna cotta-$10.50

Again, love the colour of this! Such a vibrant pink/red, with a burst of fresh minute garnish, and edible rose petals. I think MasterChef would have said it was a 'cheats' panna cotta since it's not flipped onto a plate to see if it 'wobbles' properly, but this is a cafe and not a fine dining restaurant. It was served in a glass with a jelly like topping with a hint of tea. This panna cotta is a tad but runnier and not as creamy as others, but the flavours were still so delicious, and didn't taste sugary. Could stare at this all day, haha.

Haven now shouts your meal every hour until Christmas, and also a chance to win free coffee for the year on the public holidays, too bad I'll be working and can't try my luck to get freebies.

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