Thursday, December 3, 2015

Joyful Eating for Healthy Living

Heard about this place from a friend who lives in the area. It's really a cheap eat place, and average food with minimal service. You can choose either unlimited pork cutlets/spring rolls/chips with sauce or unlimited bibimbap: rice (3 types) with quite a few toppings (but no meat) for $11, plus miso soup.
You can share once you go to your tables, but their signs just mean if your by yourself, you can't have both bibimbap and pork unless you pay for each option.

Pork cutlets were quite lean, and the batter is different to Chinese restaurants where it's more floury, thicker, and too salty. These ones didn't feel as oily either, which is a plus. There are around 9-10 things you can add to your rice for your bibimbap. Normal Korean stuff/flavours, which taste alright, but nothing fancy. 

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