Friday, December 4, 2015

Not Baked By Me Baking Day

Baking day at Tracy's today! Although I didn't baked, enjoyed watching people (and eating the baked goods afterwards, hehe). It's actually quite amusing watching other people make stuff

Cinnamon scrolls

Putting yeast in them makes a lot of difference compared to the no yeast version. These ones are like soft bread, where as no yeast makes it sticky yet dry. They look so pro!

chocolate pudding

despite the amount of sugar in this, it was super moist and delicious. i think it's the first time i've had steamed Western cake (compared to steamed asian cakes)

that team effort (Y) (not by me lel)

Loved Tracy's home made ice cream! Quite creamy and not too sugary, and so smooth. Hope to try the original vanilla next time :)

The photo struggles of having tall flowers...

Carrot cake

Again, a lot of hidden sugar, but this cake turned out really moist and not overly sugary. I actually don't like carrot cake, but the sugar and cinnamon may have helped cover the carrot in it (I don't mind carrot by itself).

Time to actually make stuff myself, lol


  1. It was fun! Let's do it again sometime.

    Surprised the raspberry one was good since I never made it before. One day I'll make vanilla since it's my favourite so far ^^

  2. You guys are really cute! That all looks amazing!