Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

watched my first Star Wars movie ever last night! it was actually pretty good. won't give any spoilers here. it was a super last minute decision to go, but i ended up going with my parents to see what all the hype was about, and they are like me who don't even like Star Wars (also was the last Monday until uni starts again which I can get my student Monday ticket prices).

first time watching movie with no ads! although we had to wait 20mins with the lights on, it's better without the ads since it just starts up with the title and loud music. I guess I understand why people like it so much, but i did understand most of it....maybe i'll consider watching the other ones. It's like LOTR, watched all the Hobbit but bits and pieces of the actual trilogy. all the special effects were done well and good storyline.

even for Towers, all arvo and night sessions were mostly booked. we watched the 9:10pm standard version, and basically only the first two rows were available...luckily didn't go Towers today-don't want to be stuck in a car park for 3 hours....

worked 9-7 today...feet hurt so much...so glad i don't work in a big shopping centre normally...walking past clothes trying to not spend anything....

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  1. Yeah, I heard about the carpark! How crazy is that! My mum took two hours to leave it.