Thursday, August 27, 2015

to say today's exam as hard is an understatement.

completely bombed out on it, even though i did all the readings/online lectures. going to get less than 20% this time, since i literally guessed every single question (and i have bad guessing skills). the rare questions which sounded familiar but you're left w/ 2 options and end up guessing on the 'easier' questions. not even enough time to read/analyse the graphs/results in questions within the 1min per mark. asking us to read the question, write 4 diagnosis within one min, even if i knew them, i wouldn't be able to write that in 1 min let along read the question within a min.

gg. if i don't improve in the next module test (which clashes with another 40% mid sem) going to actually fail diseases. last sem failed mid sem but was able to scrape finals. this sem failed the first one, going to continue to fail the other exams, and no way i can just scrape finals to get even a pass mark in the end. if i fail, going to book a ticket straight overseas. yolo work.

as a friend mentioned, disease is so self-centred. it's so true. everything is always about diseases, all our time is dedicated both at uni and at home, yet we still can't manage to pass. all the other subjects have not been touched...

my heart is hearing from diseases. how to even get over 50%? ))))))))):

here is a photo of cake to break the disease rant.

Black Star Pastry Watermelon and Strawberries cake for friend's birthday (and as a pick-me-up from post disease exam depression)

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  1. Haha I was at uni when you snapchatted the cake and I showed my friends and they were all saying it's amazing.