Thursday, August 20, 2015

KitKat Studio

Didn't go on the opening night, but went this week around 2.30ish to avoid the lines at Westfield Sydney. They're here till the end of the month. Still had to wait about 30mins. These are one of those things which are mainly for novelty. The special flavours sold out early in the morning.


production line

personalised packaging (:

top: dark choc w/ dried mango, hazelnuts and salted caramel popcorn
bottom: dark choc w/ rose petals, almonds and salted caramel popcorn
8 kit kats for $9


I thought they would be the small kit lat size, but it was actually quite a long stick of kit lat, a lot longer than the mini ones/normal ones in shops/Japanese ones.

I was going to get caramelised meringues, but realised my flavour combination was too similar to the Design you own Magnum a while ago, so decided to have some nuts for some texture. Love the rose petals with the colour and fragrance. Salted caramel in the popcorn was very subtle. Tried the other chocolate, and the dried mango was very subtle. There were also quite a few designs that you could choose for the packaging, tried to avoid the boring red ones. You then choose the description of Kit Kats and type in a name. Overall, although I'm not a chocolate fan, still not too excessively expensive, and it's a one off just for fun (:

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  1. Very pretty, as usual! The rose petals always add such a classy touch, don't they?