Thursday, August 6, 2015

Vudu Larder and Aggy's Shack

This post has been sitting in my drafts for over a year now, but I guess it's time to start clearing out my draft folder.

Went to Queenstown, New Zealand in last year's winter break as a spontaneous trip overseas. Made the most of our last day there by doing more site seeing and looking around the local shops.

Visited Vudu Larder for drinks in the morning. From memory, it was quite packed even in the morning. Food looked great but I had another place in mind for food, price probably a bit more towards the higher end of an average brunch. I guess there's a positive to taking photos of everything since if you asked me how much/what I had, I wouldn't have remembered (unless it's like desserts I know my prices pretty well)

Remarkable Berry: blueberry, mint, apple, raspberry-$8NZ
cappuccino: $4NZ (from memory)

Now that the Aussie dollar is lower, these stuff isn't that cheap. The smoothie was really refreshing, and could taste the fresh ingredients :)

Before going overseas for holidays, I normally do my research which also includes food. Heard that Aggy's shack was a locals favourite even though it is kind of like a shack, small, and limited outdoor seating, but it was so, so delicious!

Fish and chips: 1 fillet, fries, lemon, cream tartare-$12NZ
1/2 Mutton Bird, fries, tomato sauce-$15

They prefer to call it fries here...The fish was nice and soft inside with a crispy batter. It was nice, but not amazing. The mutton bird is amazing! It kind of tastes like fish but in chicken form. Apparently Mutton birds are only harvested in April/May by Maori people and is quite traditional in Maori culture/heritage. You would think deep frying a bird would dry it out, but this bird has some fat, so it retained the moistness and juiciness. The tomato sauce help cut out some of that 'fishy' taste. I don't mind that fishy taste, just some people may dislike it so there is sauce there in case. Heaps of chips and quite a large serving in general even though they look small. There are extra condiments on the tables. Loved eating this with a super amazing backdrop of mountains. Too bad it's closed now to make way for residential apartments ):

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