Monday, August 17, 2015

Elisa's 21st

thanks for coming everyone! hope you enjoyed the night with delicious food :)

i was originally not going to hold a party just to save my travel money, but money is earned to be spent and memories are to be made. i've had a party for most of the 'important' stages in life, or parties just for fun, and with relatives over, I guess it was a good decision, and one that i don't regret.

organising everything from the start to finish, to arranging cakes, decorations (thanks Dandelion and Happy Apple), spending hours packing party bags, games, extra presents-it was pretty much a solo effect and if i say so myself, it went alright. didn't bother to really make the place fancy, couldn't take photos myself or photos of food (relying on you guys!) and no time to arrange music, and definitely some stuff could be changed, but not bad for a first attempt. one event (apart from a wedding) is stressful enough to organise by yourself, in between studying for exams, uni work etc. it was fun, but i now understand why event planners exist.

have not done any uni work since my birthday las thursday, so I am actually ~10 hours behind in uni, and no idea how i'm going to catch up...

counted at least 4 other 21st parties that night. yay most people could make it.

photos and proper post soon (hopefully), after i catch up on stuff.

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  1. Haha no worries! By the way, the decorations were great. The whole party was wonderful. We all really enjoyed it. Thanks for your generosity!