Monday, August 24, 2015

Yum Cha at Crystal Seafood

The previous yum cha here in Carlingford Court lasted for pretty long (compared to the one in Carlingford Village which has had quite a few name/owner changes), and was quite decent.

Came here earlier in the year to try it out after my mum said they finally built a new lift rather than elderly people walking up stairs to get to the main floor on the 2nd level.

Excuse the snap chat with randoms...

dim sum :)

more foood

Straight up I would say it's below average, worse than the previous owners. Even though the new black theme decor makes it look classy, the food isn't that great. On a Saturday lunch, there was hardly any variety, and the things which came out kept on going round and round. No new stuff. We asked for things to be ordered, but waited so long since it never came. This place is pretty price as well. For 5 people it cost well over $100, and we weren't super full. The quality wasn't that good, like the har gaos had quite a thick skin and prawns weren't big, plump or juicy. 

Service was pretty bad. Asking a guy to refill the water for our tea, and he's like, 'refill in this one?' Well obviously, what else is there to refill? Only this tea pot already had the lid taken off and placed at the edge of the table, what other tea pot is there? Also, the others wanted some chilli sauce, but had to ask the guy literally 4 times for it. It felt like he didn't even want to work there.

No more decent and cheap yum cha around me anymore ):

(Posting things which have been in my draft for well over a month. Too much food posts for August, probs have to wait till mid sem break)

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  1. I don't really know any yum chas that aren't expensive and also have good service. Blacktown's alright but it's often super busy on Sunday!


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