Wednesday, August 26, 2015

fortnightly going-to-die from diseases post.

when almost half the cohort failed the first exam (and stuff at the beginning of sem is supposed to be easier), then you know tmr is going to be even worse. and when the group quiz averages dropped, then the individual tests tmr is going to be so bad. how to remember everything? ))))): the only reason why i didn't get the lowest mark last time was because some people didn't turn up to the exam. but have another feeling going to fail this week's one as well D= even though they're not worth much, all together they're still worth a substantial amount...

last sem diseases was all route learning. this sem you have to find your own stuff to remember/ sounds beneficial in the long run, but right now i feel like we're all drowning...

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  1. You've made it so far. It must be terrifying, feeling like you're hanging on the edge. Remember that God hears prayers :)