Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Alrose Garden

Came here for dinner after visiting BW's church as Strathfield is close by. This place is quite simple with not an extensive menu choice, and not many side dishes either. One thing I love about Korean food is all the side dishes.


Clam hot noodle soup-$13

Decent amount of clams in these noodles, and the soup wasn't overly seasoned. There was actually quite a decent amount of noodles in the bowl and we couldn't finish it. It is a more healthier alternative for dinner out, compared to the next dish.

Fried chicken (half)-$18

I normally don't order fried chicken since it's so unhealthy and not good for your skin (hence haven't had KFC in so long), but would still have some if I'm sharing. I no fried chicken expert but I thought this chicken was decent, not too salty and decent chunks of meat. There was this deep fried pork with cheese inside that looked so good when it was cut into.

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  1. I love Korean food - the soup noodles look really healthy, and you can try all the side dishes mindfully and focus on all the different textures and complementary flavors!