Sunday, January 14, 2018

Only 5 more weeks left of this rotation, and all I can think about is that will I be able to improve in time? Sometimes I get lost on where I should start revising.  

I must admit, branded shoes are noticeably comfier, I guess that's why it comes with a bigger price tag, but the quality is better. 

Sneak peak of the main hall for Kids Fun Days

I don't think any church people read this, so it's not like I'm spoiling anything. Sort of sad I started uni early so can't help out with the kids program they run at church every year during the school holidays. I think I started helping out in the first year back in 2011...? Helped out every year since, even went I went on holidays the KFD would be like the week after I got back. I guess uni takes priority these days....This year's theme seems pretty cool since it's a more 'innovative' theme. 

My phone and laptop has been constantly telling me to update for the past few weeks, but I haven't had time to sort through things and update stuff...

Tennis is starting, and there is a possibility of Federer making it to the end! So many big/older players have injuries and can't play. Apart from Fed taking an extended time off, his injuries are less compared to others. I feel like this year will be the start where we see more teens/early 20s names coming up, as the well know top players who have dominated over the past 10 years are defs getting older and suffering more injuries. Too bad I have uni so can't really watch the tennis...

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  1. I think that branded shoes are worth it for the quality tradeoff, otherwise they just fall apart too soon and it's a waste.