Saturday, February 3, 2018

Wake Up Call

This week has gone by so fast yet slow at the same time. How is it already February?! My realisation that it was already Feb when we went to Jamie's and I thought they still had the $10 pasta, but I literally forgot it was 1st Feb and the cheap pasta ended the day before  🤦‍♀️  

This year will also fly by very quickly, a good and bad thing. I like to plan stuff, but then it feels like a mountain of hurdles to pass through before the end. Although most people I know have or will start full time work this year, I guess I need to remind myself to be grateful that with uni means not full time work=holidays.

This week on the bus in the tunnel on my morning commute to uni, the bus suddenly swerved into the tiny emergency bay stopping area. If that wasn't there and it was just all wall, there would've been a crash. The truck in the next lane suddenly drifted into the lane the bus was on, wouldn't be surprised if the truck driver was sleepy/tired. 

4 weeks into the first rotation and still haven't had any difficult pxs. I did get grilled for forgetting basic stuff, which is a good wake up call that I need to revise stuff. 

Totally overslept today and also took a nap. Not feeling enough energy to start studying again, but looking forward to 2 days off next week since it's the 'staff retreat', but apparently that really translates to staff meeting to discuss trimester stuff next year...An itchy throat doesn't help with having enough energy to study...Not looking forward to two 8am starts though, and an 8-5 day with no break.

'Black indulgence'

Finally had time to take a photo of some of my favourite 'black things' against the only bit of marble we have at home. Now I can finally start using the truffle oil. It's ok if I missed out on cheap pasta, I can have truffle flavoured stuff all day every day. I don't care if truffle rice isn't a thing, or truffle asian greens, because I will probably add this to every meal lol. Still haven't worn the sunnies yet, they are expensive for sunnies but probably the only Chanel item I'll own. Although I say I don't want to work at times, these are the only work perks I'll ever get, so still super grateful with what I have.

It's also my first Saturday spent at home and not stepping outside the home since finals last year (which I don't step out of my house for a few days straight). Sometimes I do miss these quiet days to myself where I have the whole house to myself. 

Thanks BW for this cute snack 

Another reason why I'm like how is it February, I'm still behind in my food posts from December...

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