Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Q on Harris

Making the most of non 9am uni starts by exploring new places for breakfast. The menu is quite limited here, but it’s a quiet cafe just away from the city with a nice courtyard and natural lighting, perfect for a place to chat. I’m quite behind on places to eat since uni has started, so didn’t even realise they stopped selling their matcha cheesecake last year. 

food spread

Capp: $3.50
Batch brew Solok Radjo: rum raisin and tropical fruit punch with full bodied velvety dark cocoa finish-$3.50

The coffee was average. I thought the filtered coffee came cold, but I guess there’s a lot of variations for filtered coffee. This one was quite bitter and on the first sip reminded me of Chinese herbal tea. I never put sugar in coffee because I think that just ruins the taste of the actual coffee flavour (except for iced coffee, then again I hardly have those drinks). Slowly we sipped our way through this huge mug. Tried to appreciate the different flavour notes in the coffee, but I’m no coffee connoisseur. 

Buta Katsu Sandwich: House made thick-cut ham cats, tomato chutney and mustard mayo, with a side of potato korokke-$18

It didn’t say how many grams it was, but I’m assuming 150-200g, like other thick cut pork cats sandwiches I’ve had. The skin could have been more light and crispy/golden since it was a little bit on the oily side. The potato side was a fun addition to have on the dish. It was a surpassingly filling dish. 

Q Bowl: house smoked caramelised bacon, tempura shiitake mushrooms, glazed dutch carrot, pickled raddish, black rice-$16

I think this is more on the pricey end for a bowl of rice. You could choose between house smoked bacon, pastrami or salmon. Couldn’t really taste the smokiness in the bacon, but I liked how it wasn’t over caramelised. The tempura could also be lighter for the mushrooms. The pickled raddish helped give some acidity from the heaviness from the bacon. 

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  1. I'm always impressed by how vividly you remember all the details about the venue and the food, whereas I'm just like, yum, giant slabs of ham!! haha :)) I always love reading your write-ups and hope to be reading them lots more in the future too~