Thursday, January 18, 2018


Almost finished with 2nd week and already it's deciding between:

Should I give up study time for exercise time, give up exercise time and waste money, or give up bus study time for sleep, or give up sleep for study? In between this loop is figuring out when to go out.

There's nothing pressing that needs studying, but I know I have to refresh all my knowledge. Doesn't help how I've never had a hard px in 4th yr, and even after my 6th px so far, they have all been easy. Even my supervisor says my px were easy. Hard px are good since you learn more. Even writing my log book I really learn minimal amount of things. Too bad you can't choose your px....Just my luck I get all the hard px in 2nd rotation and then get lots of unsats and fails and not meet quotas...which means another year in uni...

It sounds like I complain about uni a lot but still grateful to be able to see px. I feel Happy Apple's pain/injustice with the whole uni decision...

Pink is back in at the Aus Open. I'm pretty sure Fed wore pink shoes back in 2013 when I went down there. There's a couple of people with the same shade of pink accents in their clothing/shoes. Too bad can't follow the tennis this year, or the winter Olympics, MKR and minimal MasterChef.

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