Friday, January 12, 2018

Rotation 1, Week 1

The first week has felt quite long for some reason. On Wednesday it already felt like a Friday, but I guess it feels long since I feel like I haven't done much or learnt as much as I wanted to this week. How to improve on doing everything within the time limit? That will forever remain the question. So much stuff to continue revising.

I am going to miss the smooth-ish traffic once more people start going back to work, then school kids, then uni kids. Catching the 7:20 bus can get me to uni at 8:45, normally it would be 9:30. If I wanted to get to uni before 9, then normal days I must catch the bus before 7am. The bus just after 7am gets me to uni just before 9 which is cutting it close. Apart from waiting for buses between city and uni, the m2 between home and city didn't have traffic during peak hour. First time catching a bus in Friday arvo with no traffic, normally it builds from 3pm and lasts until 6pm. 

I can't believe I survived a week of summer wearing long pants without dying from heat. Luckily it did cool down a tiny bit this week and spending your day in air con does help. Pants and fully enclosed shoes are just so much easier to run for the bus...Maybe I should just learn to miss the bus more so then I don't have to make a mad dash...Even though I run, it's still normal for me to see the bus drive off...

No one at work went to our regions Xmas party, but they allowed our store to have some 'credit' and use it for a belated Xmas dinner, and we also had some leftover money from a voucher we won over a year ago. Long gone are free work dinner tbh. With so many CEO changes, and so many pay cuts and different way everything is run, free food is pretty much not on the agenda. Went to a place opposite my church which we used to go often as kids before the afternoon service ever existed. Haven't been here for so long though.


chinese stuff: chicken, fish, pork, tofu

This isn't a proper food review so I'll keep it brief. It's actually not that cheap for around $50pp, like if I get some discount for 'modern Australian' food, I'll prefer spending $50 on that rather than this. Dishes are quite small, and lobster didn't have that sweet/fresh lobster taste, rather the lobster here just tasted like the sauce. It had ok chunks of meat, but so ceebs opening the claws (because normally dad does that for me and he's not supposed to eat that). Had some prawn crackers tonight though, it's been so long since I last had them. I'm not a big fan of eating Chinese stuff outside of home, unless it's fancy/modern Chinese style stuff.

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  1. 'Even though I run, it's still normal for me to see the bus drive off...'
    - me, too