Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Myopia Control

Took me 2 days to get through a 30 page document, although really there was only around 20 pages of text. It was actually quite interesting reading a summary of multiple studies on potential ways to control myopia. Finally saw a patient today after an anti climatic first 2 days of seeing no px. It was good to see someone as this clinic isn't marked, and you only have it once per rotation. Who knew getting drops in a 7yo was so difficult? Took a good 10mins, but eventually got them in. 7yo and also already a -5, you really hope it doesn't progress heaps in the future...

When I see my relatives kids i.e. my nieces and nephews, and they're like only 2 and already have access to smartphones/iPads, in my head, I'm like gg...pls be the lucky ones who don't develop myopia. Studies have shown kids should spend more time outdoors, and the sunlight may help in preventing it from the first place, but once it starts it's too late...It's not all due to genetics....My first phone was in yr6 with super pixelated screen and no games at all, literally just a phone with a 1.3mp camera. Kids these days just have so many portable games/videos, and all that near work isn't good either. I think as a future optom, you don't want people to get glasses, but it you're a shareholder/CEO, you will know more people will buy glasses in the future cause of more kids becoming myopic, or adults becoming presbyopic...

Tl;dr, spend more times outdoors and do less near work for kids

New Snapchat update...whyyy, I feel so technologically disadvantaged. It's defs the most un user friendly update, and filled with a million more ads. So hard to navigate through stuff and more buttons to press or things to swipe to view more stuff. It's become a more chaotic user interface, and makes Instastories more user friendly. I think I'll still use Snapchat more since I sometimes don't want the whole world to know what I'm up to, as Snapchat is more limited compared to Instastories.


  1. my first phone was in yr 7 and was a motorola and the screen was only 3cm x 2cm at most (i think it was actually smaller than that). You could only call, message or play snake or that game where you hit a ball against the brick wall

  2. Also yes! The new snapchat thing was so confusing at first and I am used to it now but still miss the wold one.