Monday, January 29, 2018

Weekend of less sleep

I can't believe how fast this long weekend flew by. I sort of can't wait until my mini 2 week breaks in a few months time. Somehow I managed to get less than 6 hours of sleep since Thursday night, but my time was spent well with others.

Thanks Happy Apple for bringing these over on Friday. The effect disappears immediately, but whilst it's in the fridge and just before you take it out, it has snow flakes appearing on the 'chill me!' part of the packaging which I thought was quite cute. It wasn't too sweet for turkish delight, but not really sure where the Messina flavour comes in.

It's been years since the majority of the G8s have come over to my place. Normally my place is too far for everyone, but now people car pool/can drive over. Played some Switch, the the Jackbox TV party games are so fun and hilarious.

Wedding on Sat morning, and ahh, I always love the feels and vibes weddings give. I can't help but compare weddings to other weddings I've attended before...Although I've never actually been to a reception, social media seems to show 'Perfect' is a very popular first dance soundtrack. 2 weddings that night had that song, and other wedding's I've seen (through social media because I don't have friends lol).

helium balloons!

Went to a 21st (feeling old, it's already been 2.5 years since I was 21...), and loved how there were helium balloons! There was also a cute polaroid photo corner, which is very reminiscent of a 21st bday (not that I had a polaroid for people to take photos of since they're so expensive and me being stingy rather use polaroid photo money for a three figure cake...). It was a lovely night meeting more new people and playing more Switch (how is milking a cow even a game? haha)

Sunday at work all the computers were in a mini meltdown. Then came home and there was an internet outage which doesn't help esp if you're running out of data...

what do you mean to be confirmed?

So happy that Federer won! First man to win 20 Grand Slams ever. Was not expecting it to be a 5 setter, since I wanted it to end early since I was already super sleep after church, luckily it didn't go past midnight...Even my pastor made a joke about how 'Is it wrong to pray for Federer to win?' and 'Go home early to watch Federer win.' Out of all the sports people out there, he's probably the most humble guy and most composed without being angry/frustrated if they're losing, or taking their anger onto their opponent. He's also so old in comparison, but somehow he's maintained really good health and only stopped for a 6mth injury just a few years ago. 

The Aus Open this year wasn't as fun to watch since so many people retired cause of injuries. I wouldn't have liked to pay a couple of hundred to see a match end short/unfinished. I actually haven't had the chance to watch a lot of the tennis either this year.

Every morning I walk past Country Road when switching buses and it has the 'Official Partner for lifestyle clothing' then I realised the other day, all the lines people and umpire have Country Road branded on their clothing. I feel like it's a downgrade from Lacoste or something from previous years. The ball kids uniforms were a pretty ugly orange imo, and had Vegemite branded on it.

I thought the overall graphics and 'virtual reality' 3D things they do on the tv have improved a lot. They don't shrink the scores though when they win a set, and rather shows the number of games for all 5 sets. It's takes up more space on the bottom left corner of the tv, but I guess they think people have bigger tvs these days (?). They also have electronic adds all over outer edge, rather than old school paper adds. So during the breaks, you see different adds moving, then the adds remain static during play. I like the camera they have inside the tennis net, and this ultra wide lens they sometimes show, where the whole tennis court is in landscape view, even though the camera is probably only 3-4m away. The umpire chair's seat is also electronic. Did they have that last year? Didn't even watch it since I was overseas (#wanderlust #takemeback).

Now all these TV shows are starting back, but need to control myself and not watch since I have not done any proper study since the beginning of this year...Doesn't help that winter Olympics is also starting next week. 

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  1. You're welcome!! When I saw the Tim Tams I thought of you immediately ^_^