Thursday, January 11, 2018

Finally got a patient today, but when you haven't seen one in over a year, and the supervisor expects you to be super competent because you're in 5th yr, in my head, I'm just like 'ahhh, but my skills are probably the same as beginning of 4th yr because they didn't give us any time to practice with real px last yr when they decided to cut down the cohort end of 2016.' Then you also have to keep your composure in front of the patient and pretend know what you're doing whilst being professional. Doesn't help when the supervisor tells you a different method to what you're taught/other supervisors since it does through things off. Also missed opportunities to do other things and worrying about quotas in comparison to everyone else in the group...falling behind already in the first week...

Saw the most ridiculous thing today. An 8 seater car with a person literally sitting in the boot. I don't mean to be racist, but Asians tsk tsk...shoving as many people into the car as possible. They probs had a 10th person under someone's legs that I didn't see from the bus. 

3 scoops: Yuzu Crazy, Caramel Tiramisu, Coconut and lychee-$8.80

Mini detour to try the yuzu and matcha flavour. Green tea was more subtle, yuzu could have been stronger, and mandarin cake in it could be more citrusy. The tiramisu in the other special wasn't too strong either. Can't go wrong with coconut and lychee.

My photos on my laptop are all in a mess, and haven't had time to sort them out properly. Really want to write up more food posts, but maybe on the weekend after I finish other notes...My laptop has also been bugging me to update my OS, but also haven't had time to back up everything and update. Again, maybe on the weekend.

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  1. The numbers feel so intimidating, to say you're a fifth year makes it sound like you've been studying forever but in reality we're still students so I hope your supervisors remember that!