Monday, November 6, 2017

Supp Thoughts

Pretty sure most optom kids have/had these thoughts:

- Blocking out the week after supp list is released on Friday after exams
- Making sure you can access the supp list on the Friday it comes out
- I'm not on the supp list, can actually relax
- Ahh, I'm not on the supp list, so really I failed so badly to even get a second chance
- Argh, I'm on the supp list, have to restudy everything in 2-5 days
- This then leaves only 1 day to do the poster/research presentation
- Posters take about 1 day to print...hello all nighter
- But please still offer non rigged supps this year rather than cutting more people...
- If I just study hard and do well don't have to worry about supps in the first place, and enjoy my holidays, but we all know we'll get called in to work because it's end off the year...
- Goodbye holidays

I think I'm at the stage where I just want exams to be over, even though I haven't started. Then at the same time, I don't want exams to start so I'll have more time to study. Yes, contraindicating myself.

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