Wednesday, November 1, 2017

iOS 11 and iPhone 8

I have been waiting for 11 iOS to finally have a shortcut to turn off mobile data. Finally is an understatement.

Yes I know, Android peeps can customise their phones, but I generally don't like customising stuff (personalising stuff is a bit different concept), so I know they could make a shortcut to do that ages ago. Even know that you can customise control centre, I don't do it. I love Apple, but that was probably the one thing that annoyed me. Now I can swipe up from control centre and turn off mobile data, rather than press: 'settings, mobile data, then toggle tab off'. 1 button vs 3. Even though my iPhone has enough battery and I've upgraded to enough data to allow me to leave my data on and battery will last, it's really just habits turning mobile data off.

iOS 11 initial impressions:
- Yess, shortcut for mobile data!
- Everything looks so much bigger and bolder. This will take some getting used to, especially the bolded date on the calendar app on the home screen.
- Do I really need bolded text once I enter the app at the top to tell me what the app is? Another thing to get used to
- iMessage is so fancy with sharing stuff within apps. Not sure if I would use this function though, and again, all those app icons at the bottom of iMessage feels a bit weird at the moment. 
- When you exit an app, it has what I call a 'slow genie' effect and the home screen zooms in a bit then out. iOS 10 exited it directly, where as iOS 9 did a nice smooth genie effect, I think I still like that way of exiting apps.
- When I turn wifi and bluetooth off, it now doesn't say off, but says 'not connected.' It makes me feel like it's still searching for a source, even though it is off. Wonder why they got rid of the 'off' option when it actually is off...
- Turning off 'automatically adjusts brightness' setting is not under display and brightness, and under some weird setting that I had to google and turn off.
- Also, turning off fetch mail was also under some weird setting.
- They got rid of the 5 dots of reception, now replaced by 4 bars so back to a more 'old school' look. I wonder what they thought way wrong with the dots...
The battery icon is fatter and shorter, and again more bolded. I'm actually not a big fan of bolding, but looks like iOS 11 is.
- They got rid of the name of apps at the bottom, again why..?
- It sounds like I hate iOS 11 but I don't lol
- It's pretty nifty now with the whole Apple pay becoming more prominent in Aus. Still won't jump to use it though, but cool how you can share payments on iMessage, and send a text and then it pays from the card you store
- Also stuff like Woolies reward card can store in Wallet, since I've been using 3rd party apps before, but now you can tap to get those points. Will discover if I can add my other loyalty cards to Wallet after exams...Then again, there is more chance to drop your phone if you're using it to tap etc...

I finally did all my phone back ups and switched to my iPhone 8 and backed up my mum's 4s to upgrade to a 7 before the 4s breaks down, although still useable, just quite heavy compared to the 7...

iPhone 8 initial impressions:
- I've only used my 8 a few days, but really can't tell any difference, and sometimes forget it's a new phone
- 64gb is amazing, cause I ran out in 32gb and I don't store any music, hardly any apps and minimum videos. I've already mentioned it, but still ok value for money compared to 7 where base model is same price but half the internal storage.
- I'm like I haven't charged my phone for over 2 days yet there's still battery, so yay for new battery in new phone
- Can't tell the difference in terms of performance with the A11 chip, probably cause I don't game, but might try some augmented reality apps after exams. Like what is a neural engine?
- Tru tone is nice, but I dunno if it really is essential. 
- Camera has 'Quad-LED True Tone flash with Slow Sync', umm, what is slow sync? 7 didn't have it, but I don't like using flash to begin with...
- You can wirelessly connect and sync 2 iPhones, and transfer the data from one to the other by taking a photo of a special code which looked like a moving sphere looking sort of code... I ended up just doing it from iTunes since I thought cables are faster than wireless. 
- The major difference is the weight, yes you can really feel the 10g difference and the slight thickness between the 8 and 7. 8 vs 6s and you can really tell even the 5g difference between the 2 phones. 
- Did not realise how useful wireless charging is until you actually use it (thanks again BW!). I know it's QI charging isn't new, but wow, it's actually really useful. Don't have to worry about my chair rolling over my precious lightening cable, tripping over it, or someone stepping on it when they come up to my desk.

I think cause it's exams I hardly use my phone to appreciate the changes (although there aren't many to begin with).

iPhone 7 case

I have a habit of not changing phone cases/screen protectors unless I really have to. Used my 7 case for over a year, and it's been to many countries/places, and has changed from clear to this gross colour...Although when it's on a rose gold phone, it's just less pink and more yellow/orange tone, so in a way sort of acts as a coloured yet non coloured case. I do need a new screen protector since I used the tempered glass one I stored for over a year and it's not very adhesive at the edges...again, after exams.

I'm too OG and just go for clear cases. Especially with the 8, the gold colour is on point, and that's what you want to see right? 


Ahh, care packages for exams! Can also appreciate wireless charging now (: It wasn't the right lighting/too many shadows, and also not the right background colour, but good enough for the blog where I don't bother editing photos.

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