Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Brunch Withdrawal Symptoms

Brunch withdrawal syndromes are real. Someone should add that into a medical dictionary lol.

I may be at the point when I am sick of my junk food even though I have at least 15 varieties to alternate from. Maybe I should do a post on exam junk food after exams...

Pablo opened today and can't wait to try the one in Sydney, hopefully it's just as good as the Jap ones. Also once again, glad I haven't visited LA yet since Dominique Ansel also opened up a new bakery and restaurant which does brunch with no proper menus and seems super creative, which I will visit one day once I do the West Coast. So many other cafes to visit, not enough time...Even restricting myself on not checking my Insta so much so don't see people having fun exploring new places and get too distracted from studying, which obviously doesn't really work.

Quay is also doing renos next yr in March, and cutting down seats from 100 to 80, which obviously means menu price increase...a 20% reduction in table numbers will defs have to be at least 20% increase in menu price...So glad I've had the iconic Snow Egg, since apparently they don't know if they'll keep it next year in the new menus.

I don't mind being stuck at home studying, and it probably is a good thing to have exams now when petrol prices are crazy expensive. Like around $1.80 or unleaded 95 or even $1.50 for cheap quality E10 is pretty steep, so I guess best to stay home and not drive around.

Once again, typical G8s missing each other by a day...You can't have a meet up without people literally unintentionally booking holidays or having exams a day before or after someone else isn't free. One day/night we will have a date which all matches up...

I have given up of trying to wake up early to study. I need at least 9 hours of sleep to not have random 5pm naps and not feel tired when studying throughout the day.

I want Saturday to come sooner, but then that also means I don't want exams to come as soon. 

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