Monday, November 20, 2017

Round 2 Take 2?

Finished exams 2 days ago, but I feel like I may have bombed out on a different strand this time round. Like we were talking today when catching up with the optom girls, what more do they want? We literally try our best, and have a whole year to re-study everything, but if we don't pass again, do we need to spill some blood to prove we are trying? (We were all half joking and half serious). Hearing about these crazy 5th yr reports/placements/deadlines all seems exciting and daunting, but just have to make it there first...

4 exams for 6 units of credit. 4 hour theory exams compared to commerce exams which people finish in 1 hr compared to 2hrs. Hardly anyone leaves an optom exam early, and generally there's not enough time to write everything. Like, why can't they give us more credit??

Ahh, when other older optoms understand all the stress from optom exams.

I will literally have nothing to study next year, so if I don't make it, going to be yolo and probs travel to Europe again.

From not eating out for 3 weeks (apart from eating junk food every odd hour which is probs equivalent to eating out), to then going out everyday, post-exam-life-in-between-supp-list-release is actually quite busy. So many photos to upload, but haven't had the time. Even sleeping 1/2 to 2/3 of what I slept during exam time. Studying really does drain your brain, more than working full day then socialising at night.

Results also come out same day as research presentation. I may/may not be sulking when presenting our research...

It's easy to pull a straight face at work or when meeting up with friends, but in my head, I'm really just like 'Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh'

Despite all this being said, still have to remind myself that I have no control and God is in control. If I don't pass again, then I guess that's the way it is. Never too early to start planning on how to fill up an empty year right..?

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