Thursday, November 30, 2017

Internal tears of happiness (a lot better than multiple days of external tears of despair and injustice). Oh uni, first time releasing results 3 hrs before the normal 9pm emails...Not sure if because we're 'older' than other years, or they have just become a tad bit more organised. Mind still a bit blank, but a lot of relief. Hope there weren't any supps for my subject, and hopefully everyone else passed as well. As much as I love planning, there is only so much that I can plan. Super thankful.

That satisfaction when you see a whole year's worth of work on a nice glossy poster. The irony of studying your own research when you should technically know it back to front...(yeah, that research life probs not for me). Funny how we've spent the whole year working with our supervisor to realise he's married. He always seems so busy but thankful he can still meet up with us after a day and flight with no sleep for 36hr. Home stretch tomorrow.

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