Friday, November 10, 2017

Deja Vu

The deja vu was all too real this week.

I don't normally remember the questions they ask in exams over a year ago, but for pracs they somehow stick in my memory. All the feels from last year to this year...and trying to continue to study for theory and not going over everything I did wrong and potentially failing again...Technically should be doing well in this subject since it is take 2, but with pracs, one minor slip and it's literally game over, see you again next year. Ahh, I hate this hopeless feeling of thinking why didn't I say this or write that extra thing, but too late to change...and there are the theory exams but re-studying stuff just makes me think of the stuff I did do wrong...I feel like I'm at the stage where I don't want to study but still need to study. Apparently there are no supps this year either...I really, really hope everyone just passes.

Low key jealous every semester during exams when I see friends graduation pics or just randoms graduating on campus. Always wonder if or when I would ever graduate at this stage...I know work would have it's own challenges, but right now uni (actually, optom exams really) still remains the biggest challenge.

The past day and a half remains my most unproductive study days, which is not good...I know stuff, but the question always remains if I know stuff good enough.

So what have I been procrastinating on?

Tay Tay released her new album 30mins before midnight in NY time. Too cheap to purchase it, so just listened to the previews on iTunes, or I'll wait for it to come play on radio. It's definitely different, but vocals still on point. I think I'll come to like her new album even though it's more 'dark'. Only she still has the influence of not releasing her music to streaming sites, or even Apple Music (hopefully just for now...), and make people purchase music through old school CD or on iTunes.

Tiffany & Co also launched a new homewares/accessories collection, and it's crazy expensive. Would anyone actually buy a $1000 sterling silver tin which looks very similar to a shinier version of a  condensed can soup tin with the labels removed? Like you can't even carry a tin around with you. Jewellery/handbags you can wear out, but sterling silver homeware? Really? Other ridiculous things like a $1000+ leather table tennis paddles. Well, if they make it, I'm sure some rich people would buy it.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think my phone is a bit bugged. Whenever I press the home button just to check the time or something without unlocking my phone, the screen doesn't dim for over 5mins, even though it's set to auto lock of 1min or should just dim and turn off the screen. It just remains on and I have to turn off the screen using the lock button. I dunno if updating to 11.1.1 would help. And can't connect to uni wifi even though my password is correct...

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  1. Haha yeah, graduation season. Can be tough.

    You're well on your way though ♥