Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Love exploring new places and cafes, and was in the area so decided to check out this cafe. It's pronounced as 'labelled' but like most things these days, dropping some letters and adding a full stop seams to be the new trend when naming stuff. This place used to be some old convenience store, and they still have the old signage and old school red tiling outside (which I'm sure they'll eventually change once they get things up and running). Loved how they have copper coloured cutlery. 

food spread


They originally gave me a flat white even though we ordered a capp. They were nice and remade the coffee. The coffee was a good drinking temp and had a decent body to it. The foam did start sinking after most photos were taken.

The tumeric latte-$5, had a really good amount of tumeric in it. It's different sort of spice and definitely an acquired taste, but I may have a higher tolerance for tumeric. Quite like the flavour in it.

Pandan pancakes w/ caramelised banana, honeycomb cream, meringue, cherry-$17

Couldn't really taste the pandan in these pancakes, it's more of an after taste, but the maple syrup really drowned out the subtle flavour in it. I've had pandan pancakes before where the flavour is a lot more prominent in comparison. Do have to give them credit for having pancakes with a bit of height. It's not as fluffy and high as the ones I had in Jap, but for Sydney standards, it's taller than your average pancake. The honeycomb with a bit chewy/sticky and on the sweet side, I prefer the bitter, crunchy sort of honeycomb. Love how there are edible flavours there, I feel like you can't really have a cafe or dish without edible flowers these days. The meringue bits could have had a bit more of a crunch.

Birds nest: poached egg wrapped in potato spaghetti, avocado puree, fried leek, pea tendrils, sil-gochu


Still can't figure out how they managed to wrap the strands of potato around a perfectly poached egg. The potatoes had a soft texture even though they've been fried. Interesting concept with the eggs on top of some greens and avo puree. The garnish on top apparently is a Korean garnish made from chilli peppers, but it doesn't really taste like anything.

Brekky momo: wine infused bacon, egg, tomato, shallots w/ roast tomato puree and green mojo-$12

Chicken momo: chicken mince, garlic, onion, herbs w/ roast tomato puree and green mojo-$12

inside: brekky and chicken

The menu described these as Himalayan dumplings, but momo is more from a Nepal origin. First time having non Chinese/Japanese/Korean dumplings. I feel like the skin of these dumplings are firmer but thin at the same time. The brekky momo had wine infused bacon which I couldn't really tell, but it had a really nice kick from the curry spice. The chicken one was a bit more plain, but tasted healthy and the mince was quite lean. The sauce for both wasn't too overly tomatoey/acidic, and also had a nice chilli kick which I could appreciate (I think my chilli tolerance is slowly increasing). The chef accidentally made the chicken ones even though we ordered the brekky momo, so got a plate of dumplings for free!

they also served sparkling/carbonated water on tap for free


they also sell some specialty food items 

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  1. Love this! Pandan is quite a subtle flavor when the real plant is used, I guess. It's pretty hard to get it right, isn't it?