Thursday, November 30, 2017

Good Fat

When I heard Sydney was going to have an avocado cafe, I knew I had to go. Albeit, it is a pop up for the month of November, but it's quite a nicely done pop up. Earlier when I came back from my spontaneous to Europe this year, saw a post about an avocado cafe opening in Amsterdam and felt like I missed out, but so happy that Sydney had it's own. People normally ask what I put in my sandwiches, and most of the time it's avocados.

food spread

Left-The smooth avocado: avocado, banana, mango, mint, milk-$8
Right-Avo green smoothie: avocado, banana, spinach, cucumber, lemon, milk-$8

You could choose between Chobani yoghurt or different types of milk, but did not realise until after the drinks came. The drinks both tasted really similar, but I guess I was expecting a bigger hit of creaminess from the avo. The smooth avo drink wasn't really sweet and couldn't taste the mango either. The other smoothie was more refreshing because of the spinach and cucumber in it. The drinks  were thick but not like those asian avo shakes, but not too thin so that it was watery. Embarrassingly knocked down pretty much half of the smooth avo drink, but you can tell it's still thick enough to not crazily spill everywhere like water would...

Avoschetta: Fresh Avocado, roasted cherry truss tomatoes, with whipped feta on harvest grain sourdough and house made pistachio dukkah-$15

Can't go to an avo cafe without getting avocado toast right? (Insert can't afford to get a house deposit jokes). I do have to admit they were a bit stingy on the avo here, it's more 1/4 of an avo...The sourdough crust was a bit hard and chewy, so ended up using my hands to eat the bread. The tomatoes were really sweet and juicy though. Would have liked a bit more feta. I liked the slight crunch from the pistachio dukkak.

Good fat fritters: Golden fried shredded potato & zucchini fritters, dukkah coated Avocado, cured salmon, avocado hollandaise-$16

The fritters were really nice, not too oily or potatoes, but wished they were bigger in size. Couldn't really taste the avo in the hollandaise, although it was less acidic than your average hollandaise. Avo helped give some creaminess to the dish. Decent portion of salmon on the dish.

The Avo-licious Pig: Sweet miso glazed pork cutlet with broccolini & spinach, Avocado and mango salsa-$19

A good chunk of pork cutlet, with a nice sweet miso glaze. Probably would've liked a bit more miso in it though, but the pork was relatively lean. Loved the addition of the sweet yet slightly tangy mango salsa with some greens, and creaminess from the avo. This dish was quite filling and hearty in comparison. It's $20 on the online/printed menu, but they charged $19 on the receipt.

Avoconetto: Avocado ice cream, shaved dark chocolate, sweet pumpkin shortbread cream, praline, drizzled with salted caramel in a waffle cone-$6

Some of my favourite things on a plate: avocado, ice cream and edible flowers. Love the creaminess of the ice cream without being too sweet or overly powering with avocado, a really good balance of everything. Someone should make a market for avocado ice cream in supermarkets. The praline gave the dish a nice crunchy texture. The salted caramel was more sweet and couldn't really taste the saltiness in it. Its $9 on the online menu, $8 on the printed menu, and they charged $6 on the receipt, which is quite a bargain, compared to other ice creams I've had. Wouldn't mind ordering this again if they do set up a permanent store in the future.



avocado wall paper

cute cushions

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