Thursday, August 31, 2017

23. Birthday Freebie Haul

People have become more stingy, or more like the economy has become more stingy (there's probably a proper word for that). Can't believe it's already the end of August and winter...I guess it's time to do a birthday freebie haul. I think a lot has changed over the years. 19 I actually had time to get freebies, 20 not so much, 21st was the year of parties and cake everyday so no time to actually get free food, 22nd was death another busy year (well didn't have a post on freebies apart from going to Sepia...too bad it's moving to Melbs...)

Didn't beat Tracy's 7(?) free places to eat, mainly these days I ceebs signing up to stuff since I know I wouldn't have the time to go to them...but here's my take of this year's freebies. Less food but good enough. 

Bondi Pizza (Take 6 and 7)

Something stuffed up with their emails, and I actually got 1 voucher in July and 1 in Aug, so ended up going twice. You can choose any main/pizza up to the value of $27. I make an effort every year to go get this bday freebie as it's actually worth my time, since it's more than what I earn an hour...Make sure to sign up the month before your bday!

Chicken Satay: satay sauce base, marinated grilled chicken breast, roasted capsicum, spanish onion, cucumber, coriander finished with a light drizzle of mango chutney and crushed peanuts-$25.95

Would've had liked a bit more satay flavour, but there were decent pieces of chicken. It is a thin base though so the pizza does get cold faster.

Oven baked apple crumple pizette: cinnamon apple & raisin compote, honeyed ricotta, & toasted crumble pizzette, served with vanilla ice cream-$11.95

Also decided to get this since I don't think they allowed 2 people sharing a free pizza...This dessert was surprisingly nice. The base was light and toppings not too sweet.

Chargrilled Eye Fillet Steak: tender chargrilled eye fillet, balsamic onions, roma tomatoes, cucumber, buffalo mozzarella, basil & our tasty BBQ mayo-$26.95
Chicken Wings with Honey Soy (small)-$10.95

The steak was quite tender and flavourful, and yay it's pink. Chicken wings were also free from an email they sent (used Mum's voucher but I still haven't used my one yet, and it's too late now since already end of Aug). They were very heavily marinated with thick/sticky sauce. Probably a bit too heavy on the flavours.

Boost: my once a year free boost so couldn't miss this.
Subway: did not realise Subway rebranded their logo and changed from plastic to paper bags. Obviously hardly eat from there...

Mimco: they used to have free $30 every year, but they changed it this year. Only a Silver member since bought stuff for friends to help me get in that tier for free $20, and going to lose that tier in the next few months. I did end up getting something from $70 to $10. It doesn't beat that time I got something from there from $100 to $0. I think they realised people like me something get a sale item and then use a voucher than pay minimal lel. I refuse to pay for jewellery made in China at the original price. 

Kikki K: I actually didn't get my bday voucher this year until I emailed them (a few times). Apparently someone in NZ used my email 4 times to claim the bday voucher, but obviously I complained since you only get 1 bday voucher a year. 

Rose gold (:

Conveniently the diaries just came the week I got my voucher. The day after they had free monogramming with any purchase, worth $10. So first time buying a pen at full price to get the monogramming, essentially pen+monogramming was $4. Do I really need it monogrammed? Not really. Kikki K is another store which I refuse to purchase overpriced stationary unless it's discounted, but with the yearly vouchers I've somehow accumulated some stuff...

As with the other places compared to previous years, they either don't exist or you have to purchase something during the year to get a freebie. I'm sure there's also other free bday food around, but just too ceebs signing up for other stuff.


  1. wow so many places do monogramming now lol

    so how many freebies do you count this as? Still a pretty good job. I forgot my count... gonna have to check sometime

  2. Rose gold is beautiful :) Monogramming is a nice touch, especially since it was free!