Friday, August 25, 2017

Social Brew Cafe

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First brunch since end of May, so 2.5 months no-brunch-in-Sydney streak was broken. Easily the longest I've been without brunch since I started uni (from memory). Recovery  Breakfast after a night out at Eye Ball, so decided to walk here to try out this cafe. Got here around 10am and luckily there weren't too many people since half an hour later there were lines. Sunday mornings in this area is quite cute, especially with everyone walking their dogs around.

Capp-$3.50, Watermelon juice-$8

Coffee was decently priced and had good flavour, but by the time I took photos etc in the super windy winter winds, it was obviously just warm. The watermelon juice was nice and refreshing.

Mushroom and parmesan bruschetta, black truffle oil, soft poached free range eggs and creme fraiche on white sourdough-$20


I normally don't order bruschetta because it's really just fancy toast, but when the waiter said this was one of their more popular dishes and I also saw truffle oil in the description, I knew I had to get it. It was super fragrant with the truffle oil and parmesan sprinkled on top, although you can't taste much of the truffle oil since it's not proper truffles. There were around 4/5 different types of mushrooms on a nice thick slice of toasted sourdough. Bread probably didn't need to have as much butter since there was heaps of runny yolk to soak up. Creme fraiche added some creaminess to it, but I didn't think it was really needed. I did find a tiny piece of egg shell in my dish, and so did my friend in her deli plate, but it's not fine dining/restaurant, so didn't bother letting them know.

Special of the day: pork belly burger-$20ish?

It did indeed have a super crunchy skin. This serving was pretty generous, but the chips were a miss.

Smoked salmon and avocado with micro mesclun lettuce, buttermilk dressing and avatar on grilled flat bread-$16

Finally a place generous with smoked salmon.

Wood smoked salmon Benedict, sautéed kale and wasabi hollandaise served on a brioche bun-$18.50

This reminded me exactly of a dish at The Grounds, with salmon and avo + egg served on a thick piece of brioche. 

The Brew Deli Plate: buffalo mozzarella, smooth avocado, roma tomatoes, prosciutto, mushrooms a la Greue and soft boiled egg served with olive and rosemary sourdough-$20

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  1. :O This looks so good! The waiter sounds like he gave some good advice! Also yay for $3.50 coffee in fancy places!