Thursday, August 3, 2017

Those feels when you can actually go out and get free things at uni and go on the rides....It was our uni's 68th bday (ironically missed out on cake and free gelato), but it was kind cute how they had carnival themed stuff like ducks in a pond, and those head turning clowns. It's also been a while getting free food at uni.

finally went on one of these bungee trampolining things

These are normally so expensive when you go to a tourist destination/carnival/fair. It was quite fun somersaulting around, but quite tiring.

giant slide

It's not super big, but it's been ages since I've been on one.

so cute, only in Jap

Basically you mix powder with water to make this. Only need to microwave the taiyaki. It's actually a bit messy since you use the same tray to mix the stuff, so have to rinse/wipe the dough before mixing chocolate, then wipe that before doing the taiyaki. It's so cute though. Tastes alright for just sugar, powder and water.

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