Tuesday, August 22, 2017

First time going on a bus and a car hits it. You could hear the inaudible groan of everyone on the bus, cause it was almost at the end of the route, so everyone was almost home. I was about 7mins away from my stop. Luckily no one was hurt and the car sort of nudged the bus (couldn't see any massive dents on the bus) but it still sounded quite loud. Normally we would have had to get off the bus and wait for the bus after which was 10ish mins later (according to the lawyer who I recognised as a cx from work lol). I think the bus driver just got the guys details and saw the bus was in drivable condition so just kept going. That's why I try to avoid travelling in peak hours, since everyone is in a rush to work or home. The guy must have been pretty blind though, cause there was no way the car would've easily made it past the bus which was already stopped on the side and the pedestrian island in the middle of the road. Probs on his phone or something...

soz for snapchat cam

Can't believe they already released the 2018 diaries. Normally they release it in Oct/Nov. Decided to use my Kikki K bday voucher, although I'm not a massive fan of the colours this year. Diary this year was black to 'symbolise' my bleak year ahead, so wasn't going to go black again for next year (why do they repeat the black?) The colours are too bright for next year, but decided to go for the aqua, i.e. Tiffany Blue copy. I like the past ones I've had which are a pastel purple and pastel/soft blue...Maybe this will 'symbolise' a brighter year next year?

Some people are just genuinely so nice. Like one of our participants, almost every visit, buys us a hot choc to get us going for the morning. Last week she bought us these Portuguese tarts, like I don't even know you could buy them at uni, and don't even remember when was the last time I had one. Like she already volunteers her time for us, and just goes the extra effort to make our day. Need more nice and thoughtful people in the world.

My uncle and his friend flew then drove around in the US the solar eclipse. It's these life experiences I would love to have one day... Why are almost all eclipses in the US? Then there's my cousin who got her her husband to take care of her baby so she can do a mini Europe trip. Pls stop spamming with photos, doesn't help me with starting my assignments.

I don't know why but my phone has recently not been connecting to free wifi. Not sure if it's because I cleared a lot of my wifi keychain things from my computer and somehow linked to my phone...It's not fun trying make my remaining 200mb last for 10 days.

Can't believe it's the season finale for GoT already next week. Monday nights are going to be so boring, which means I should actually start studying...

Nts: never lying face first on my yoga mat ever again.


  1. I do hope it will be a brighter year next year! The Tiffany blue really suits you!

  2. lol what happened when you lied face first on your yoga mat?

    IT's the same thing here in Japan, it's the little things that help brighten my day. It also serves as a reminder that we can do something simple to do the same for other people's days!