Friday, August 18, 2017

Shout out to the Optom Soc this year for breaking the hoodie trend and making wind breaker jackets. Could actually test to see how wind proof it was today with the super crazy winds. They even blocked off trees at uni and sent an email telling people to avoid trees...I think the jacket did work.

So another ep of GoT was leaking on Wed (5 days earlier). You would think after the leak of ep 4 that they would tighten their security or what not. Still had to watch it to avoid spoilers, but now that means have to wait over a week for the season finale.

It's been a good week catching up with friends, and G8s for the hilarious chats/advice haha. Although I do need to start my assignments/start studying. Not studying for a period of time then knowing you need to study but lacking motivation ain't easy. So much for having extra time to restudy previous years things...

How has 4 weeks of uni already gone past? I feel like Nov will just roll by, and it'll be exam time.

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