Friday, August 11, 2017

Probably have noticed haven't posted much food posts in a while. Mainly because I'm trying to refrain myself from eating so much food in Sydney, after having eaten at so, so, so many amazing places already this year, I feel like I have reached my quota for the year.

One thing I've found recently is that I hate when people ask me 'how's uni?' It's more of a love-hate relationship. Love the holidays and occasional days off, and love to learn, but I can still go on about how rigged the whole system is and what a money making institution it is. It's taken a good solid 9 months to not feel... depressed when telling people. Like my whole career would be seeing patients, but a year without any practice is what really irks me.

Then it leads me to other thoughts like I feel so behind in life sometimes. Like people already into their full time jobs for a year or two, then people I've known since I was a kid getting married/engaged, and here I'm still studying. Times like these I think why is my degree so secluded and wish I was more social, and why is it 5+years...  I'm sort of over the whole 2 hours one way trek to uni, but #hillslyf, and no money to move closer. My heart sort of breaks when using an adult opal card...Which is sort of another reason why I haven't been willing to spend as much even on food back in Sydney this second half of the year. I also am amazed at those few optoms who have graduated and worked, but then study more to become a doctor. You would graduate when you're almost 30, and that's not including all the internships etc...I still enjoy studying because I know when I'm working I would look back and miss studying...I guess that's why people do post grads...but I sort of feel I'm not really the research type.

Thought I got a free Boost yday, turns out it activates today. Thought I had my Opal card in it's usual slot, turns out it was my Boost card and had to head back home and then chase the bus. First time leaving my Opal card behind.

For once I have a packed weekend ahead. Here's to minimal sleep, maximal play. Ceebs with cake (another first). I have probably said this before that I don't like prime numbers. Getting old 😔 Forever thankful for the G8s even though hardly see anyone often enough for the advice, stories and just random chats.


  1. Yeah, one of the ophthalmology registrars at Westmead worked as an optometrist for a few years, like dude, you're going to be studying foreverrrrr.

  2. Aw haha, I'm up for random chats! Even if it's via whatsapp, :)