Thursday, August 3, 2017

12 Micron Take 2

64 degree egg, cauliflower, grains-$19


Yep it's not cheap for some grains and an egg, but it was sure delicious. The soft creaminess of the yolk missed with the crunchy grains and cauliflower was so good, and this dish wasn't overly seasoned either. It was quite fragrant as well, so I would recommend trying this.

Slow Wines Sauvingnon Blanc

free wine!

I normally don't repeat places I eat unless there's a reason, and this time going back to 12 Micron with free wine was #winning. I never order wine out (poor uni student), or I tag along if someone does order wine for dinner...

Pork jowl, black pudding, riberries, onion puree-$25

I think first time having pork jowl with black pudding. It was so soft and tender and the sauces with the onion puree perfectly matched the flavour of the pork. I was expecting the pork to be quite heavily seasoned, and luckily it wasn't since the flavours from the other elements complemented the pork. I didn't get any main dishes because 1. didn't want to spend so much on not super fine dining 2. they didn't sound as interesting as the entrees.

3 course tasting dessert menu: $49 (used to be 40). 7 courses was $85, just 2 months ago, now $95. We were pretty sure when we both looked online it didn't go up a few days before. Maybe because it's Vivid..? I'm not sure if the savouries went up in price, but each dessert course looked a bit smaller. It looks like they actually read what I wrote in my previous blog posts (since I was one of the first to review it on Zomato), but then they did the exact opposite! I said I was super full after the dessert, so it looks like serving sizes decreased. They did keep my favs like Gin and Tonic (apparently Tracy said there wasn't that much gin and tonic flavour). They also did replace the weird tasting desserts in the 7 course  menu but still kept the cheesecake ones, just changed flavours. Ps. I wasn't listening properly to each individual components of the dessert dishes since I only had the savouries.

 Gin & Tonic
Four Pillars Gin | Lime | Lemon | Cucumber | Juniper

 Cherry Blossom
Cheessecake | Miso | Chocolate

Mandarine | Salted Caramel

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