Saturday, August 5, 2017

Today was a good day. It feels rare to have really good days (or days filled with freebies) nowadays.

Last week was free Mac, this week free Mecca. They had a claw machine, and on the third turn I ended up getting 2 in one go. Mum got one on her first try.

Lip shimmer

They were all the same, I think they only had this left since I saw everyone get the same thing inside. It's so glittery though....

some boat show with boats over $100 000

Didn't end up going down, but it seemed quite cool seeing people just chilling on the boats and taking photos.

Then lunch at Lumi Dining. Blog post coming soon...It was really nice to go to that part of the city, which is away from everything else. Weather was so lovely.

Then went to pick up my valuations, and they did end up giving me a free leather pouch. It's so soft, and retails for $125 (side note, I did spend 4 figures there...). 

Also bought a leather jacket from $600 down  to $90. I'm not sure what sort of leather exactly, since it was an off/irregular jacket and marked to clear. It was from a shop which sold Prada etc, and they said the jacket was made in Italy and calf leather. It's missing a few tags on the jacket hence why the price is so low...It feels real which I guess that's what matters most. I still have yet to find the perfect leather jacket. Even places like Top Shop have synthetic leather and cost a few hundred dollars. I would rather spend over $500 for a perfect fitting/feeling quality jacket. I've actually been searching for a few years now but still can't find something which ticks all the boxes. At least this one is quite cheap (I think they probs over priced the rrp), so won't have to worry as much if it gets wet and don't have to take care of it all the time.

And GoT was leaked, you'd think technology these days would prevent leaks from happening...Fav episode in the season and one of the top favs in the whole show! So good!

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  1. Free mecca! Looks so good! Shimmer is nice once in a while, maybe you should try it more often!